Getting Around

Terms of Reference

While the main focus of the Neighbourhood Plan is on future land development in Marple, transport is important both in facilitating development and in catering for the travel demand that it creates. Transport also has an important role in helping making Marple a better, and more sustainable, place to live, work, shop and play.

The Getting Around Topic Group will work with other groups to address issues and develop proposals relating to:

  • traffic issues within and to/from Marple;
  • footways in the town centre and elsewhere;
  • cycle routes;
  • public transport within and to/from Marple;
  • car and cycle parking (including in the town centre and at rail stations);
  • integration between different means of transport;
  • access to schools, shops and other community facilities;
  • provision for people with limited mobility, and
  • canal towpaths and other Public Rights of Way.

This list may be amended as the work of the Topic Group develops.

Issues and Opportunities

We have undertaken a preliminary review of issues and opportunities relevant to the group, to provide a framework for collecting relevant evidence. Clearly, new issues may arise as the development of the Plan progresses, while others may be found to be less relevant.

In summary, the issues we currently see as significant include:

  • difficulties in getting around by car and public transport;
  • possible excessive speeds by car drivers;
  • parking problems;
  • walking and cycling links;
  • issues in getting to key destinations including the town centre and schools; and
  • issues for people with limited mobility.

We have started the work of collating evidence to gain a better understanding of these issues and to form the basis for initial policy options and suggestions. The aim is to complete this work by the next AGM in September.