Community Space

Community Space

The Terms of reference for the Group are

  • To baseline the current stock of Community Space assets in Marple
  • To engage the Marple community for its opinions on the current state of Community Space and requirements for the future
  • To shape and influence future plans to suit the requirements of the community
  • To protect and conserve the community space we already have where appropriate

The team currently has six members, including two from the Management Committee

The next actions agreed are

  • Document the various Community Space assets and their ‘owners/points of contact’ and identify who uses the space now and why
  • Engage with the community for opinions/issues/future requirements such as what is missing, what is especially valued

We will aim to meet other community groups and interest groups and survey local residents

The key questions we will be asking are

What do people use and what do they value?

How do venues regard their facilities, what activities currently take place and what potential exists?

What is the view of community groups and their overall perspective on their relationship/ interaction with the current community space; what do they value and what would they like to have?

We are investigating if we can get any information from other surveys carried out by other community groups; either their data or their experience of conducting surveys.