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The purpose of the Marple Neighbourhood Plan is to give the people of Marple the ability to shape the future development of the town. We are now in the eighth and, hopefully, final year of the planning process – with a referendum in March 2024. Marple is a great place to live so, not surprisingly, a strong feature of the Plan is to protect and preserve what we have.

Developing the Plan has been a long and challenging process, and has involved the input and consultation of a wide and varied number of groups across Marple, helping us to devise our goals, and convert them into practical policies.

This plan is about shaping Marple for the next10 and 20 years. It’s about providing an environment for our families and young people that will enable them to live safely, healthily and happily. It’s about vibrancy, an inclusive town that has energy, imagination and a welcome for visitors.

We hope that Our Marple Plan makes a difference in achieving these aspirations. If you have any comments or ideas we very much welcome all feedback.


Our Marple Plan has now passed an independent inspection, and the final stage to bring our Neighbourhood plan into action is formal ratification through a local referendum.

The referendum on the Marple Neighbourhood Plan will take place on Thursday March 21st. It is run like any other election locally. People in the Plan area will receive voting cards from the Council and then a postal vote if they are registered for one. Those voting in person will be able to do so at their usual polling station between 7.00am and 10.00pm.

The question on the ballot paper is ‘whether people would like the Local Plan to become part of the Stockport Council’s planning regulations for Marple’. We would like people to vote “yes”, not least because the Plan has been drawn up by local residents and adjusted according to the feedback we’ve had at the various formal and informal consultations.

The local plan is very specific to Marple and seeks to protect and enhance those things residents have identified as important. But don’t just take our word for it – read the plan and policies for yourself here or download our one-page summary here.


Download the latest version of our Marple plan below

Marple Neighbourhood Plan

Here’s a link to the final version of Our Marple Plan. We hope you enjoy reading it and welcome any and all feedback. This is subject to an approval referendum in March 2024.

View or download your copy


Marple Heritage and Character Assessment
November 2018

A summary of the history and character of Marple, which lies within the Borough of Stockport.
It has been prepared by consultants at AECOM on behalf of Locality, working closely with the
Marple Neighbourhood Forum and is based on a detailed appraisal of the area
carried out through desk study and fieldwork.

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Marple has a rich history and a bright future. That’s the way we want t0 keep it

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Topic Working Groups

The Forum is currently exploring issues under seven Topic Headings. Click on the 'MORE>>' link if you would like to know more or, even better, if you would like to join one of the Topic Working Groups please contact the person shown

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Marple Plan History

Marple Neighbourhood Forum – First Annual General Meeting Held at 10 a.m. on 14 January 2017 in Marple URC

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Open Debate: That Marple is and Should Remain a Village Held at the AGM – here are the ‘In Favour’ and ‘Opposing’ opening speeches

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Market Stall Report: Have your say An update to download

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Report On Protecting Our Environment Commissioned from the Cheshire Wildlife Trust – Download here

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Evidence Repository

Short History of The Marple Neighbourhood Plan

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Our Neighbourhood

It is easy to see why we should all care - Beautiful photography courtesy of Arthur M Procter LMPA



What people say about Marple

  • I moved to Marple because it is a small friendly town with nearly everything you could need on your doorstep

    - Andrew P -
  • The train makes it both easy to work in Manchester, and to get out into the Peak District. All we need now is new trains and better evening and weekend services

    - Judith M -
  • I love Marple, but worry that new development will spoil it. I’m not opposed to development – we all have to live somewhere – but local people should have a say.

    - David W -

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